At this time, PersianSPH is only available for Linux systems. The following installation instructions are for Debian GNU/Linux (unstable) or Ubuntu 14.04 (or newer). Installation on other Linux systems should be straightforward though.

This code can be installed in any folder in your PC. Please follow the instruction to set up it on your PC:

  1. Open a new terminal window

  2. Download the installation bash script file and execute it

  3. Follow the given prompts until the installation is completed

  4. Close all terminal windows to reload created environment variables

username@machine:~$ wget ""




username@machine:~$ bash




Installation is completed.

Close all terminal windows and open a new one to take effect the defined environment variables

Please refer to the tutorial to run a simulation.

username@machine:~$ exit

Please follow the instruction to run a simulation:

  1. Go to persiansph directory

  2. Edit CMakeLists.txt to include your target cpp file name (you can also choose from the existing sample cpp files)

  3. Use cmake to generate makefile

  4. Compile your simulation using the autogenerated makefile


The PersianSPH's mercurial repository can be found on GitHub.

The required libraries can be also found on GitHub.